WYS Platform - Smart Port

Smart Port picture

Manage and control traffic and transport smartly and digitally.

Automatic, real-time, and interactive process for outgoing and incoming traffic in the port.

Automate ground transport processes

  • Vehicle, freight, and train transportation can be automatically controlled from the land to a port and a ship, and from the ship to the port and the land, respectively.
  • An automatic and real-time vehicle recognition; passenger cars, trucks, and trailers, as well as a colour, a brand, and a model.
  • Vehicles’ length, height and width measurement and weighing without stopping.
  • An automatic identification of truck ADRs.
  • An automatic container recognition. The container identification information is combined with the recognized vehicle or train wagon.
  • An automatic recognition of train wagons. The wagon identification information is combined with the train. Different types of wagons, and classified liquids and gases are also identified.
  • An analysis of the type of vehicle in motion (a passenger car, van, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle).
  • The specific and automatic processes of the different transportation types are in the same system.
  • Digital documents automatically for the specified recipients, also possible to share between different parties.
  • An automatic and real-time data exchange between different systems.

Automate security-related processes

  • Individual and digitized services for a multi-partner environment, bearing in mind the specific characteristics of the partners (a port, shipping companies, authorities, freight forwarders, transport companies, maintenance organizations, passengers).
  • With the automatic recognition of the vehicle transportation, the movement of passengers, staff and service organizations is distinguished in the area.
  • Exceptional events of the incoming and outgoing transportation are identified in real time, and automatic notifications are sent to the authorities and the security organizations. The notification has also vehicle image data.
  • The automatic control of the security systems provides the situation awareness of the anomalous events automatically.
  • In an abnormal situation, if requested the vehicle is automatically prevented from entering or leaving.
  • A real-time detection of the events related to the personal safety, e.g. when a person or cyclist is moving in a restricted area.
  • The WYS Smart Port Platform enables real-time face recognition that is connected to the other events, for example, the vehicle and its driver.

Streamline operations in a limited area

  • A burst operation, where there are many different, simultaneous events in the limited area, causes peak hours and maximum area use.
  • An arrival without stopping the vehicle increases the traffic flow. Stopping only happens for a specific reason.
  • Minimizing moving in the area with a real-time and interactive guidance; also individual guidance to the driver automatically on his mobile devices and to selected information monitors in the area.

Reduce environmental load

  • The enhanced traffic flow allows the vehicles to minimize waiting and idling time.
  • BI reports e.g., vehicle emission categories and vehicle flows, help to develop environmentally friendly practices.

Utilize data in decision making and device maintenance

  • All BI reports in real time, digitally and individually for the use of different parties.
  • Real-time and versatile data and BI reports on vehicle flows per lane and as a function of time like
    • speeds,
    • vehicle types,
    • weights and dimensions,
    • comparison reports, etc.
  • Log data, audit trail reports and service level reports, SLA.


The Smart Port Platform scales easily. Several ports can be connected to the same system. The system controls an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing lanes.
It is possible to have a centralized or decentralized management of the ports in the same system.
The system's centralized and versatile user management scales accordingly, as the number of user levels and groups is unlimited.

All system functions can be used both with a browser and a mobile. Fully customizable Dashboard interfaces make the use easy and efficient for all parties and user groups.

Versatile connectivity to other systems such as vehicle weigh bridges, facial recognition systems, user management LDAP (e.g. Microsoft AD), etc.
The system monitors automatically and in real time the functioning of all the systems and devices related to the process. The system generates automatic notifications of faults and failures, and the functional disorders trigger alternative processes. Diagnostics from the systems and devices support planning and development.

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