WYS Platform - Smart Parking

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Manage profitably your parking premises.

Cost-effective, flexible and versatile self-service model.

Improve parking utilization rate

  • Utilize the parking space for business and consumer use, e.g. with a wide range of parking products suitable for your customers. Parking products are created based on the individual needs of the property, such as e.g.
    • Product tied to the time (for example, on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00)
    • Product tied to the size of the parking space (basic parking lots vs. extra wide lots)
    • Product based on a fixed parking lot per company or user
    • Dynamic parking product; allows parking lots which are free to choose
    • Electric car charging product
    • Visitor and seminar parking product.
  • Be ready for the changing needs and requirements of using the parking place by providing charging options for electric and hybrid cars and electric bicycles. It is possible for the holder of a parking permit to reserve various charging stations in advance from the portal. The user will be charged automatically based on a location and time. This is how you maximize the return on your charging hardware investment with a dynamic usage.

Automate parking permit management

  • In a self-service model, companies manage the access rights of their staff, and the individuals or the company itself maintains the data of each vehicle. The changes happen in real-time.
  • Companies will have parking permits as stated in their agreements. More permits can be purchased through the parking service portal. The information is transferred to the invoicing system automatically. Parking permits and policies can be defined on a user-by-user basis.
  • An easy-to-use service portal supports effortless permit process whether using browser or mobile.

Automate the parking usage process

  • The vehicle is automatically recognized from the license plate. The system automatically checks the parking permit related to the vehicle and the person, and the parking information monitor automatically provides guidance relating to the parking permit.
  • If wanted, targeted messages can be sent automatically to the driver's mobile phone, e.g. about the end of the parking time.
  • The real estate has dynamic safety levels available for the entry phase. The levels vary from a vehicle model and colour identification to a driver identification and locationing.
  • The system provides situation awareness automatically and in real time. In addition, the driving event with images is automatically registered in the system. The system knows in real time the vehicles in the parking area and the people related to them at any given time.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • With the help of the parking service portal, the centralized customer service can help all the parking service users of all the real estates connected to the system.
  • The lobby service personnel serves defined real estates, also what comes to the visitor parking, if required
  • Companies book visitor and seminar parking permits using the service portal. The visitor has automatically access to the parking area with the reservation, and the booking information is automatically transferred to the invoicing system at the time of booking.
  • The users, also visitors, open passage doors with a mobile.

Utilize data in decision making and device maintenance

  • With centralized BI Reporting, information on all real estates, real estate groups and parking areas can be found in one place. With the help of versatile and individual BI reports, you can study the real-time situation, historical data and statistics of a single area or the entire real estate group.
  • All BI reports are available digitally and customized for the use of various target groups such as real estate owners, FM companies, client companies and individuals. Available from anywhere with different terminals, browser, and mobile.
  • A wide range of information is available, for example:
    • Parking utilization rate as a function of time,
    • Vehicle parking times,
    • Company-specific utilization rates,
    • Use of different permit products,
    • Visitor and seminar parking, etc.
  • The system automatically monitors the status and functionality of all connected systems and devices, as well as the status of doors, traffic lights, sensors, and monitors. Several different sites can be connected to the same diagnostics.
  • The system generates and routes automatically notifications of faults and failures.

The Smart Parking System easily scales from a single gate to multi-site environments without geographical restrictions. The system manages an unlimited number of car park doors / gates and parking areas.
The centralized user management of the system scales accordingly, as the number of user levels and groups is unlimited.

All system functions can be used both with a browser and a mobile.
Versatile connectivity to other systems such as various charging hardware, contract management, invoicing system, user management LDAP (e.g. Microsoft AD), etc.

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