WYS Platform version 2023 R2 has been released


WYS Platform version 2023 R2 offers, also in daily use, even easier and more extensively the versatile utilization and automatic processing of the data produced by different systems. The extended interactivity of the Platform further speeds up the centralized use and monitoring of the extensive system and device sets.

Management of the different systems from one place

The new version 2023 R2 opens unique opportunities to centrally manage different systems in different sites, for example, in connection with system administration services. The information and events of the different systems located in different sites are automatically up-to-date and available centrally.

The automated services of the centralized management of the different systems bring all the information from the systems to facilitate daily work, versatile analysis, and operational development. With automation, the work becomes more efficient and easier, time is saved and, above all, response times are shortened.

With the help of BI Reporting that utilizes artificial intelligence, information is automatically and extensively obtained from the connected systems and related devices, e.g. from access control systems, in addition to various technical and operational events, also information like

  • number of active access permits by permit type,
  • the unused access permits in a certain period,
  • to whom the unused permits are allocated and
  • overall, how the access permits have been used.

In this way, it is convenient to find, for example, unnecessary but still the active access permits.

For example, real-time information about the number of people in different rooms of the property, in addition to various operational and technical events and status information, can be automatically visualized on the interactive eMap.

The individual and customizable interactive dashboards of the WYS Platform make it easy to utilize information. Into the different dashboards it is possible to compile real-time, automatically updated information, and statistics of a longer period produced by the different systems and enriched by the Platform. To speed up and ease the use, switching between the Platform’s dashboards is done directly from one dashboard to another.

Freely defined different types of groups enhance the utilization of the automatic data

Variables connected to the WYS Platform, such as sites, properties, floors, systems, devices, and people, events, and alarms, can be grouped as needed into their own groups based on different individual needs. It is easy to create and maintain the freely defined groups for different variables. It is also possible for the variables to belong to many groups.

For example, systems related to the security and automation sector, such as access control, fire alarm, video management and burglar alarm systems with their devices, which are grouped into different sites based on their location, can also be grouped into other necessary groups, such as e.g. system-specific groups (all certain access control systems in the same group, regardless of the location), or into groups defined by the properties, floors, rooms and premises, etc. With the help of the groups, it is easy to drill down to more detailed information, e.g. when studying abnormal event numbers or to create group-specific automatic alarms, if the number of faults or events exceeds the defined limit value.

In the case of large system entities, grouping helps in the outlining of the broad entities. Interactive map views enable quick zooming to "drill down" all the way to study a single device. It is possible to create different types of groups on the eMap and hide from the view the individual systems and devices belonging to the groups, or alternatively show on the eMap only the individual systems and devices belonging to a certain group. According to the situations the WYS Platform automatically brings out the necessary information based on an event.

It is possible to create an even more versatile overall picture of the sites

The WYS Platform can also be connected to any passive devices which are outside of the automatic connectivity, such as fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, extinguishing hoses, emergency exit doors, etc. In this way, all the information of the system and device environment is in one place and a comprehensive situational awareness of the environment is available on different terminal devices according to the needs; mobile, tablet, browser.

The export and maintenance of the passive devices has been made quick and easy to the System and device register of the WYS Platform, where they are easily accessible to all entities operating with the device. It is possible to search for the passive devices in the device register by the device name, status, location, manufacturer and model, just like the active devices.

The passive devices can be visualized on the eMap with e.g. icons, they can also be displayed in the Visual Console, and the information can be used in BI Reporting, just like the active devices.

Management of the numerous systems and devices even easier

With the interactive eMap of the WYS Platform, you can add to the same site the required number of floor plans of different properties and areas, and easily and quickly navigate between the floor plans. In addition to saving time, the user can manage ever larger entities, regardless of where the user is or what terminal device is used for the work.

The WYS Platform enables colour schemes for different symbols and operations according to the organizations' own practices. The colour scheme selected for the visualization of the operational and technical status data covers the entire Platform. In this way, the same colour indicates the same operational or technical status information in the System and device register, eMap and everywhere where the status information with the colours is used.

The WYS Platform's connectivity portfolio is growing

The WYS Platform has versatile 2-way connections to different systems and devices such as Milestone, Avigilon, Axis, Hanwha, and LoRaWAN. This constantly expanding connectivity portfolio has grown again with three new systems: Ajax alarm system, Obseron video management and IDcontrol Digiovi access control. Future connectivities include e.g. Abloy OS, Elotec, iLOQ, Security Expert and Visma Megaflex.

The data produced by these systems and devices and enriched by the Platform is to be utilized in the various functions of the Platform and as part of the automatic controls of the other connected systems.


The next version of the WYS Platform will be released in February 2024.