How do digitalization and automation benefit security professionals in their day-to-day work?

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Utilizing digitalization and automation in daily work saves time, eliminates human errors, and brings information without delay about technical failure events that affect operations. I have listed below some situations that security professionals face daily in their work and how they could be addressed through automation and digitalization.Dashboard examples

Events and alarms

Companies have prepared in advance for various situations caused by events and alarms and issued operating instructions. A successful operation in a situation requires the expertise of the entire chain of people involved and timely communication, regardless of the time and place.

By increasing automation the platform helps to eliminate possibilities for human error during the events, and ensures the real-time event management and information flow.

It is possible to make rules for systems and devices serving different purposes. According to these rules the systems and devices smartly and automatically send information based on alarms and events and their combinations. Also, automatic control is done for various systems and devices based on the information.

Information about the alarms and the events can be sent automatically to specified recipients’ e-mail and / or mobile, to a ticketing system, other systems, etc. It is possible to attach to the events and alarms e.g. event-related standard operational procedures (SOPs) or, for example, system and device register information. Also snapshots can be attached to the events. In some situations they bring significant added value and speed up action and decision-making.

Unnoticed failure

Regardless of various precautions, from time to time there is a situation where afterwards it is not possible to determine the course of events, because, for example, despite the surveillance cameras, the required video material is not available due to an unnoticed failure.

With the automatic and real-time monitoring of the systems and devices in a proper platform, no device or system is out of order without being known immediately. With the platform, you can manage from one centralized place or several distributed places all the systems and devices of different manufacturers connected to the platform. The multi-vendor service platform is suitable for monitoring all the connected systems and devices, regardless of the manufacturer, a brand or a type.

The scalable, real-time monitoring is suitable from one system monitoring to hundreds of thousands of sensors, devices, and systems monitoring in one or hundreds of different locations simultaneously. The platform scales flexibly to the changes of the business and the organization.

The investigation takes time

Finding out the cause of the failure, reviewing the SLA, and fixing the failure requires contacting different people, organizing the operation, and verifying the outcome. The investigation, repair organization and relating reporting take time.

To automate the work mentioned above, the platform automatically generates tickets to the ticketing system for faults, occasional faults and maintenance needs of connected systems and devices, for example, VMS, access control, burglar and fire alarm systems, and video recorders. When the faulty system and devices are back in order, the fault or occasional fault status is automatically reset.

All persons involved in the operation and maintenance of the systems have access in real time to the necessary system and device information in addition to the possible fault and event information. With the help of the versatile information in the device register, it is possible to prepare in advance for the special requirements of installation sites.

It is also possible for the platform to automatically and in real-time generate SLA information on all failures and failure recoveries of the systems, sensors and devices covered by the SLA. The fault types, devices and sites can be scored based on their criticality.

System and device maintenance

The cost-effective maintenance of the system and device reliability requires a systematic data collection about the systems and devices themselves, faults, repairs, warranty periods, software versions, configurations, service response times, etc. The more different systems and devices there are, such as a VMS, an access control, a burglar, and a fire alarm system, the more laborious the process.

With the versatile platform, you centrally collect information about all the connected systems and devices and the related events and alarms. The platform’s diagnostics focusing on security and automation provide information on system-, sensor-, and device-specific events such as:

  • Fault event history
  • When the faults have occurred and what kind of faults are in question
  • Fault history.

Using the right platform, you can automatically get SLA reports and Top lists for a freely chosen period of time, for example:

  • By the manufacturer, device and system
  • Based on the service response times
  • Based on the scores of the fault events
  • Based on sites.

Various reports can be automatically distributed to the selected recipients, e.g. once a month.

We have kept the daily and future challenges of the security professionals in mind when developing the WYS Security and Automation Platform. It offers unique opportunities to intelligently automate the operational security processes. The process becomes consistent and repetitive at any company location. With the help of the platform, timely facts about a complex environment are constantly available to support decisions. The information is easy to distribute automatically and regularly to the specified target groups. Regardless of the time and place, all services are easy to use with a unique and responsive Dashboard user interface, either in a browser or a mobile.

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