WYS Platform – Smart Circular Economy

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Automatize and digitalize the whole process from start to finish.

Receiving, delivering, storing temporarily, and re-using of soil, snow, and waste material – the whole operational process efficiently, economically and with minimal environmental impact.

Automatize the bulk material management

  • The Smart Circular Economy Platform automates the entire process from the producer to the recipient and provides an automated 24/7 operation possibility cost-effectively.
  • An automatic vehicle recognition on arrival and departure at the site of receiving or delivering, plus an automatic load photographing.
  • The system automatically pre-fills electronic documents such as waybills and movement documents.
  • The system provides versatile, real-time, and individual BI reports to all parties involved in the process. Automated BI reports also provide the necessary information for government reports.
  • At unoccupied reception and delivery sites, driver control and guidance are fully automatic with the help of a mobile phone or on-board computer.
  • The system automatically sends information of each received and delivered transaction to the invoicing system. Different parties see their own events on the service portal.

Digitalize the process

  • The core of the digitized system is an easy-to-use service portal that provides services to all different parties using different terminals (browser, mobile, on-board computer) regardless of the time and place.
  • The use of The Smart Circular Economy Solution has been made easy for all parties involved in the process, brokers, transport companies, drivers, recipients, and producers.
  • Each party maintains its own data on a self-service basis using the service portal.
  • All information between the parties is transferred in real time and digitally and is archived automatically, making it available when needed to all parties concerned 24/7, regardless of the location and terminal.

Continuous real-time situation awareness

  • The situation awareness keeps all the different parties up to date 24/7 whether it is a question of shipments, masses of soil moved or delivered, quantities of different masses stored at different sites, quantities of needed materials, etc.
  • Automatic monitoring ensures e.g. delivery to the right destination.
  • Real-time communication to different parties is a key factor in abnormal and unexpected situations.
  • In addition to communication, the guidance can be supplemented with electronic information monitors that automatically guide drivers to operate in a right way.

Scales effortlessly according to the situation

  • The solution is a cloud-based service package that meets the individual and changing needs of different parties.
  • The solution has limitless scalability, and it is possible to add different parties, products, and sites dynamically and to edit, delete and move sites. Several different receiving and delivering sites can be connected to the same entity being fixed or temporary sites.
  • Product management is dynamic and site-specific.
  • The user management of the system scales accordingly, as the number of user levels and groups is unlimited.

Sustainable development

  • With the automation and intelligence of the system, different parties receive considerably more information, which significantly increases efficiency and helps to develop operations.
  • Unnecessary driving and idling time are reduced. There is no queuing or unnecessary stopping at destinations. Fast and real-time digital document processing minimizes driver's unnecessary downtime.
  • It is possible to measure emissions related to the transport of different soil and waste material.
  • For each reception area, it is possible to define the capacity of the area, the filling of which is monitored by the system in real time and automatically. The system notifies you when a certain fill level is reached.
  • For each delivery area, it is possible to define the capacity of the area, the volume of which is monitored by the system in real time and automatically. The system notifies you when a certain level of volume is reached.
  • The volumes of the soil materials brought in and taken out from the interim storage can be monitored in real time.

All system functions are available in both browser and mobile.
Versatile connectivity to other systems such as a vehicle weigh bridge, loader scale, invoicing system, user management LDAP (e.g. Microsoft AD), etc.

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