With our intelligent parking solution, our customers have achieved significant parking utilization increases, cost savings and significant profit improvements.

The intelligent parking solution is suitable for both corporate and private parking or a combination of these. The use of the WYS parking solution has been made easy and flexible for both the users and the administrators of the parking space.
The unique solution is ideal for a wide range of use cases, whether it is continuous parking during working hours, at night or on weekends, visitor parking or other temporary parking, or even managing recharging points for electric vehicles.
The parking services operate on a self-service basis using a browser and a mobile, and thus do not cause additional costs for the property.
The solution enables flexible parking products and their individual pricing. The invoicing of the parking products is done automatically by the property's billing system.

  • Increase your parking profit
  • Reduce your administration costs
  • Improve your parking utilization
  • Easy to manage
  • More security for premises
  • Versatile reports and statics including video and snapshots
  • One or more parking sites in the same solution