The version 2022 R2 of WYS Platform is published


In the WYS Platform’s latest version the new WYS Edge Connectivity Technology has enhanced the Platform’s intelligence and performance. Also, the connectivity of the IoT systems is extended for LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) systems and devices. In addition, based on customer feedback related to the use of the Platform, usability has been further improved in the new version.

WYS Edge Connectivity Technology raises performance to a new level
Different systems and devices are connected to the WYS Platform using WYS Edge Connectivity Technology. With the help of the Technology, the connectivity of the systems and devices is fast and efficient. The WYS Edge Connectivity Technology has been developed especially for the versatile utilization and management of the growing number of the systems, devices and sensors and the data they provide.

WYS Edge Connectivity Technology significantly reduces delays and brings even more intelligence to data processing, such as managing data generated by the data sources and presenting only events and deviations that are necessary for the operation. It converts the data produced by several thousand different systems, devices, and sensors into a comparable form, regardless of the manufacturer. WYS Platform enables the real-time combining and enriching of the data produced by the different sources into a useful form e.g. to support decision-making, to create a situational awareness, to automate and optimize operational processes and to automatically control various systems and devices.

The installation of WYS Edge Connectivity Technology takes place automatically during the installation of the WYS Platform, further accelerating the already quick deployment.

LoRaWAN connectivity
The latest version 2022 R2 of the WYS Platform now enables easy connectivity of LoRaWAN IoT systems and devices to the Platform, and makes it possible to utilize the data, which is provided by the systems and devices and which is used e.g. in building automation, together with the data provided by the other systems and devices connected to the Platform. Processing, combining, and visualizing the data will diversify, for example, the real-time situational awareness of the buildings, but it also enhances the noticing of cause-and-effect relationships, trends, and deviations, and thus creates new opportunities to further develop and enhance the operations of the buildings. The WYS Edge Connectivity Technology of the WYS Platform also enables the control of LoRaWAN IoT systems and devices.

It is possible to collect sensor data produced by LoRaWAN IoT systems and devices, such as temperature, water flow, light intensity, particle measurement, gas measurement (e.g. carbon dioxide and oxygen), object counting, number of motion detections, etc. In the future, the amount of data collected will also expand to logical status data, such as "open / closed" or to "on / off" type information.

The visual multi-layer structure of the Platform enables clear and easy-to-use operative and technical monitoring of thousands of sites. The sensor data can be viewed in several different ways, both on the browser and on mobile, with the help of easy-to-use Dashboard user interfaces:

  • In the device and system register view
  • As various event listings
  • In the automatic situational awareness views
  • In the interactive eMap view
  • As different diagrams of BI reports.

WYS Platform combines all the systems, devices and sensors connected to it into one logical entity. Hence, the automatic situational awareness views of the sites produce versatile information to support operations.

The interactive eMap of the WYS Platform visualizes the sites on the map. From the events visible on the map and/or floor plans, it is possible to drill down to the sensor level of the sites and all the way to the event data.

With the BI Reporting of the WYS Platform, individual BI reports can be generated from the sensor data as needed. 

The next version of the WYS Platform will be published in February 2023.