The new WYS Platform software version 2021 R2 published


In the WYS Platform version 2021 R2 the performance has been significantly increDashboard examplesased. Higher performance level is especially beneficial when the system is used to manage and monitor thousands of systems and devices.

The new 2021 R2 version includes many functionalities which automate and make day-to-day work easier.
These include e.g.

  • Automatic comparison of camera reference images,
  • Project tool,
  • Ready-made Dashboard templates and
  • Easy customization of the WYS Platform Portal.

Automatic comparison of camera reference images

With the help of the automation, the comparison of the reference images coming from the cameras connected to the WYS Platform has been made as efficient, fast, and easy to use as possible.

For each camera, it is possible to specify which types of reference images are used at any given time and to what extent the image and the reference image must match. Messages and operating procedures related to an unapproved reference image are automatically sent to the specified recipients.

The new reference image and how it matches to the old reference image are illustrated in a specific Dashboard view, where the reference images are easy to browse. The old reference images remain in the database for the required time.
It is also possible to search for the reference images manually as needed.

The Project tool

The new Project tool enhances the management of the new site deployments when site devices and systems are connected to the WYS Platform. It is possible to have several simultaneous projects in the same site.

With the help of the project Dashboard, you can monitor the readiness of the projects from zero to one hundred percent, browse project tasks and view the pre-installation status of the devices. Automatic notifications of the installations and connections are provided for the approval of the completed installations and deployments.

When the project is completed, the site can be automatically transferred to the production and invoicing using the tool.

With the new Project tool, it is easy to manage the individual projects and tasks of the site as well as all the projects of the company's sites within the framework of the access rights.

Ready-made Dashboard templates

The WYS Platform comes with ready-made Dashboard user interface templates, which allow the customer to immediately utilize the data accumulated from the systems and devices connected to the WYS Platform.

Individual company- and user-specific Dashboards are also very easy to create. The structure and content of the Dashboard are freely formable. Different components can be combined in the same Dashboard as needed, such as BI reports, visual consoles, events, alarms, logs in the calendar view, interactive eMaps, system and device controls. In the interactive Dashboards, the time frame is dynamically scalable. It is possible for the same user to have several different Dashboards in use.

Dashboard interfaces make the WYS Platform using interactive, easy, and personal. The dashboards can be used anywhere and at any time, with a browser and a mobile, within the limits of the access rights.

The editable Portal of the WYS Platform

If necessary, the WYS Platform scales to a multi-operator environment. In this case, the main operator of the Platform can allow other operators to use the services of the same Platform within the framework of the granted access rights; for example, when the Group enables services to its various subsidiaries or to different parties in the supply chain. Naturally, the centralized and versatile user management of the WYS Platform scales accordingly, as the number of user levels and groups is not limited.

Each operator can access their own services through the Portal on the front page of the WYS Platform. With the new WYSIWYG editor of the Portal, it is quick and easy for the operator to edit the Portal components and their contents. In addition to the login component, it is possible on the front page to announce current changes, update news, notify service outages, invite to training, provide instructions and videos, etc. The more users there are, the more important is the quick communication provided by the Portal to all parties.

In addition to these functionalities and tools, new features which smooth the use have been added to the new 2021 R2 version at the request of customers, such as e.g., csv and pdf exports, more different print views, and time filters added to the searches.