Service Provider Solution

Many dashboards for SP

The WYS Platform streamlines service production and expands the service portfolio.
The service provider's solution scales indefinitely from tens of thousands to millions of device and system connections.
The WYS Platform enhances service production

  • No device will stop working without that one gets information about it
  • It is possible to anticipate the necessary updates to the customer's systems and devices in good time with the help of device health statistics
  • Offline configuration option
  • Verification of the customer-specific service level
  • Creation of report templates as a service for the customer to utilize the data collected when the system automatically sends reports to the defined addresses or mobile devices at regular intervals
  • The Platform enables easy-to-make and to dublicate contact instructions for users, even on a site-by-site basis
  • and much more.

The WYS Platform expands the service portfolio

  • Individual services for different customers from the same Platform
  • Services for one-site and multi-site customers
  • All services provided by the WYS Platform are available as you need them.

The status of all wanted devices and systems can be easily and effortlessly managed from a single place. You may have Vanderbilt access control, Panasonic fire detection system, Milestone video surveillance system, Hikvision and Axis cameras i.e. thousands of different data sources and sensors. With the WYS Platform, you can easily monitor all the devices and systems you want, regardless of brand, model or age of the device, and create service level reports for your customers.

Every device and system produce data. Combining this data with the help of WYS Platform you get information that has value to your customer. You can create cost-effectively new reporting service products for each of your customers. The intuitive interface supports the production of visual dashboards and freely customizable reports.
Data is transferred in the Platform. Its network load is low and the data is stored in the Platform’s database for the desired time.

The WYS Platform is a web-based cloud service. The Platform is placed in the customer's network.

The required modules can be selected for the service provider's solution:

  • Visual console
  • Device and system information
  • Event and alarm management
  • Routing rules and management 
  • Interactive eMap
  • Communication and real-time instructions (SOP)
  • Reporting
  • Automated vehicle access control (AVA)

The software is available in Finnish and English. Possibility to add new languages.

The WYS Platform is a browser-based system with two-way connections to devices and systems. Even rare connections do not require large investments, and connections to industry-leading devices and systems are being made all the time. See existing connections: WYS Connections