Reporting Application

Reporting Dashboard people counting

With the help of reporting, you get from a large amount of data useful information for individual needs, whether it is the top 10 fault situations of the system or the development of the number of visitors.

Interactive Dashboard reports

Choose the devices you want to have as data sources and in what format you want to view the data. Attach the created report preform into the Dashboard and you can interactively navigate the data from year to minute.

  • Visual Dashboards and their reports are freely customizable
    • Ability to restrict user rights to create Dashboards and reports
  • Versatile reports
    • Sum, comparison, target, region, etc. reports - individually customizable
    • Line, bar, pie, radar charts for data visualization
  • Reports are automatically updated with the latest data
  • Smooth use of Dashboard reports also with mobile devices (responsive layout adapts to terminal device)

Available data

  • The generated data based on connected devices and systems is available in reports
    • The log information is automatically linked to the visual report
  • Smart cameras and people counting cameras (e.g. Hikvision and Axis) can also be connected directly to the WYS platform if video recording is not required
    • It is possible to connect past the system to a camera connected to the VMS / recording system, so that all the data sent by the cameras is available
  • Data from different data sources can be combined into reports and Dashboards
    • Examples of data
      • Object calculation (persons, cars, trucks, motorcycles, cyclists, directions, etc.)
      • Audit trail
      • Alarms, events, failures, etc.
  • There are no restrictions on the data retention time because the data has its own database. Enables versatile and interactive time-based comparison of data
  • Reporting data can also be exported to other systems (e.g. excel file)
  • Data also available for monitors

Alarms and events can be made based on data

  • e.g. when there are too many people in the room, the operating instructions are sent to the agreed recipients.

The software is available in Finnish and English. Possibility to add new languages.

Freely selectable number of device and system connections. Once the device or system is connected, it immediately begins to accumulate data for utilization. If the connections are not ready-made, they will be the subject of a separate tender. See existing connections: WYS Connections

The usability of the WYS Platform and the Reporting application can be extended with the Performance application.